Draw Something 2

There are currently no plans for OMGPOP to make a Draw Something 2, the company is still focusing on polishing their current game and they have many updates lined up. They will most probably expand on the game with different features and different in game goods, a full stand alone sequel to Draw Something is not expected until next year? When Draw Something 2 comes up we'll keep you updated with its exciting news, but until now, we're still having a lot of fun with Draw Something and we still have many different words and colors to draw and collect respectively.

If we had to guess, we think Draw Something 2 will be out when iPhone 5 comes out and it might be using the new features of the iPhone 5, it's exciting to think of the possibilities of the new technology combining with this highly creative game the only limit is one's imagination. One thing wish Draw Something 2 will feature would be the ability to draw with each other in real time, instead of taking turns and then watching a playback of the drawing, a live drawing and guessing would add a whole new element to the gamea nd make it much more exciting to play, it is surely possible with the powerful processor of iPhone 5.